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Posted on 20 July 2018 Friday


Thanks to everyone who has been sending me books and articles about the racism and hatred expressed when people of African descent are equivocated with monkeys, apes or gorillas. And, thanks for sending information about children’s books with anthropomorphic monkeys and apes that do nothing to end this racism. I’ve decided to create this page to organize this material. Hopefully, there will be little to add. If you do see something, please do send it may way and I’ll add it here.

20 July 2018 Tweet:

19 July 2018 “Racism is becoming more overt”

22 June 2018 “Knowing Better Doing Better”

2 June 2018 “What’s with this perennial thing about apes and blacks?”

1 June 2018 “Florida Republicans really don’t understand why it’s racist to compare black people to apes”

30 May 2018 “What’s so wrong about Roseann Barr’s Tweet”

8 May 2018 “A Hotel Clerk was caught on video calling a black customer a monkey. He’s been fired.”

20 March 2018 Chief rabbi calls black people ‘monkey’

Times of Israel
Independent (UK)
ABC News

14 Jan 2018 “For centuries the west has found it useful to compareblack people to monkeys”

9 March 2017 “80s Pop Culture Reared Me to See Myself as a Monkey”

5 Nov 2015: Dave and Ava share a new episode and commenters are quick to point out its racism

2011 “Children’s media use cuddly animals to reinforce ‘racist’ and ‘socially dominant norms, research says” (references research article: Too Many Monkeys Jumping in Their Heads: Animal Lessons within Young Children’s Media.” Timmerman, Nora; Ostertag, Julia. Canadian Journal of Environmental Education, v16 p59-75 2011.



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