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My name is Edith (Edi) Campbell. I’m and African American, able-bodied cis gendered female. I’m an academic librarian who works to improve the literacy of teens of color and am a strong ally for all marginalized young people. As part of this effort, I also work to promote authors of color. Reading multiple varieties of text is the basis for all literacies and in becoming literate, we learn how to navigate the world around us. I currently work as a Reference/Instruction Librarian at Indiana State University.

I can be contacted at crazyquilts at hotmail dot com and I’m found several places around the web.

Tales of An Arabian Knight: I keep this one for sentimental reasons: it’s my first blog ever. I created it when I went to Saudi Arabia. My school mascot is the Golden Knight, hence the blog name.

ChikkySoupMeets Stinky Tofu: The blog I maintained while I lived in Taiwan

GoodReads: This is where I maintain an online catalog of my personal library

LibraryThing: Honestly, I prefer LibraryThing to GoodReads but I’m too cheap to pay for the space to add more books which I need to update this library

MySpace: I don’t use this one a lot, but it’s a great space for connecting to authors

Twitter: follow me on Twitter! My blog posts automatically post there

Diigo my collection of links for education, literacy, technology and librarianship

Pinterest is where you’ll find a more current list of upcoming releases by authors of color as well as boards on my varied interests and hobbies

Facebook Isn’t everyone on FB?

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