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This is a photo of a sign for a quit shop in Bahia, Brazil. It translates to “Grandma Edith’s Patchwork”


I’m Edith (Edi) Campbell. I began blogging in June 2006. I chose the name CrazyQuiltEdi  to signify the uniqueness of my work while blending in a bit personality. I’m a quilter, mother, gardener, librarian, social justice advocate and more. Considering Picture1all this, I decided on CrazyQuiltEdi because it brings together much of who I am and what I do. Crazy quilts are a unique type of quilt that combines fabrics of all shapes, sizes, textures and colors into a unique piece of art. Crazy quilts are typical improvisational pieces that are embellished with embroidery and beadwork. These gorgeous, unique pieces begin from scraps of materials. I hope you can read into this what I want for young people.

I’m an African American, able-bodied, cis gendered woman. I’m an academic librarian who works particularly to improve the representation of People of Color and Native/First Nations people. I try to be an ally for all marginalized young people. I began my professional career as a social studies teacher teaching World Geography, US History, Economics and African American History. Through a generous grant from Indianapolis Public Schools, I earned my Master in Library Science and began my career as a school librarian.  Currently, I work as a Reference/Instruction Librarian at Indiana State University. Here, I advocate for users, work to remove barriers to information and fights to maintain user’s privacy, I am a librarian who strives for social justice and equity. I incorporate these principles into collection development, instructional sessions and programming.

I work to improve the literacy of teens of color, particularly by providing them with books that reflected their lives. Reading multiple varieties of text is the basis for all literacies and in becoming literate, we learn how to navigate the world around us.

In addition to this, I also work as a speaker and consultant. I also work as sensitivity reader.

I can be contacted at crazyquilts at hotmail dot com and I’m found several places around the web.

Citations of my writings can be found here.



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