July 16, 2017

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This past week, I was blessed with an email from a former student and it brought up many memories. The message came from a young lady I’d taught during my first teaching job at an all Black Catholic K-8 school in Indianapolis. While it was a very challenging experience, it was filled with richness. No, […]

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50 Years of Young Adult Literature +

July 3, 2017


Right now, there are two things that bother me. The suggestion that a marginalized artist wins an award for the sake of affirmative action. Such reasoning diminishes both the artists work AND the organization that grants the award. Every single article Almost every article I read about diversity in children’s literature begins with the statistics […]

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June 28, 2017


Monday morning I heard the music in the Hilton’s elevator and it was then that I realized the stress was beginning to dissipate. That evening, I slept through most of the train ride home yet, I was wiped out on Tuesday. ALA is overwhelming. If you’ve never been, understand that this annual conference of librarians […]

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Father’s Day Readings

June 18, 2017

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I thought this Father’s Day would be a nice  time to ask some of the men involved in the world of children’s literature to recommend books to fathers, particularly new fathers. I didn’t ask any of them if they are fathers themselves. I think their careers indicate a devotion to young people and makes them […]

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Happy 100th Birthday, Ms. Gwendolyn Brooks

June 15, 2017

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June 14, 2017


Wait! Before you read this post, listen to this Hidden Brain podcast. I’ve been thinking a lot about the visual representations in picture books lately. I think this began for me with Dr. Leslie Bow’s presentation,” Race as Species: Animals and other Asian Americans in Multicultural Children’s Literature” and it was really brought home […]

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June 4, 2017


As promised, Little Brown Kids has changed the image for Lemony Snickett’s Bad Mood and the Stick.  I like this representation so much better because our moods are a part of us, as indicated by similar color schemes.   I’d really like to get copies of the old and new F&Gs for teaching purposes. Pre-service […]

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interview: Kathleen Burkinshaw

May 23, 2017

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They say ‘write what you know’ and that’s just what author Kathleen Burkinshaw has done with her first novel, The Last Cherry Blossom in which she fictionalizes her mother’s account of surviving the bombing of Hiroshima during WWII. I’m fortunate to be able to share with you a very open and personal interview that reveals the complexities […]

Interview: Susan Tan

May 11, 2017


I’d like to introduce you to Susan Tan, author of the recently released middle grade novel, Cilia Lee-Jenkins Future Author Extraodinaire. Susan is a debut author and I hope you’ll support her by purchasing her book and making sure your local library has a copy as well. If they don’t, suggest they purchase it.  Susan will read […]