Review Policy

Welcome to my CrazyQuilts blog! The focus of what I do is to provide information to improve the literacy of teens and preteens of color. I provide information about technology tools, scholarships, internships, library developments, books and authors that may have appeal to those of African, Caribbean, Latino,  Asian or Native American descent.

I’d be happy to consider reviewing books, webservices or other technologies that address literacy.

With respect to books:

Please know that I review books written by authors of color and/or that feature teens and preteens of color as main characters and that will be available for purchase in the US. I accept books from all genres however I do not accept self published books. During the school year, it may take me 1-3 months to prepare and ‘publish’ reviews.

I am not a professionally trained reviewer, however I do see a need to be responsible in providing reviews to my readers. As such, I provide my own honest opinion about what I read and keep honing my talents to provide useful and insightful information in what I write. I do also provide some author interviews and giveaways.

I do not sell books that are given to me! I either add them to a school library or pass them along to my readers.

For more information please contact me at:

crazyquilts at hotmail dot com

Thanks for stopping by!


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