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BFYA: Done. Done and Done!

February 5, 2014


I spent much of the day yesterday cleaning my office. I hadn’t planned to do it, but realized it was a necessary to take me from the end of one project to the beginning of another. BFYA is done! That could have easily been a two year commitment but I just couldn’t do it for […]

Woulda Shoulda Coulda and Courageously So!

October 11, 2013

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‘The brave may not live forever, but the cautious don’t live at all.’ – Ashley L. I’ve had thoughts lately about what I shoulda and what I coulda done. I have a fantastic plan to distribute books to high schools in IN once BFYA is done, but I shoulda sent them out during the year […]

Wednesday’s Harvest

September 18, 2013


It’s really hard to believe it was 97 degrees last week when we’re having 30 degree nights this week. The garden is definitely winding down. I’m hoping for a red tomato or two but probably will get the last few green tomatoes, some rutabagas and whatever other surprises are left. One draw back to having […]

August 25, 2013


Summer is ending and the garden is winding down. I’m harvesting fewer veggies and making plans to prepare amend my soil over the winter. Next year, I simply want a wider variety of vegetables. I need to move to a plot that gets full sun in the early morning, but I’m not sure how well […]

Back to the Grind

July 8, 2013

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About this time last week I was finishing my last Best Fiction for Young Adult committee meeting in Chicago. I met with 14 other libraries and had such good discussions about the best of what is being published in young adult fiction. Despite the lack of age, gender or ethnic diversity in the group, I […]


May 12, 2013


CONGRATULATIONS, COURTNEY YOUNG, AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION PRESIDENT ELECT! Do chefs and other food professionals remain able to enjoy their parents and grandparents home cooking? I’m watching Guy Fieri cook with his mom today and these are his recipes, he’s in charge. Makes me wonder if he still likes his mom’s cooking. He’s not the only […]

New Releases: April 2013

April 7, 2013


edited 13 Apr I’m getting behind! My pile of BFYA books is growing! Still, it’s a pleasure to look at that pile because they all stand a chance of being a really good read. The books in that pile have been nominated by BFYA committee members or by the general public as titles that should […]


February 3, 2013

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I didn’t know until last night that the Harbaughs were born in Toledo, Ohio. No wonder they’re so good! (Yes, Toledo is my hometown.) When the Colts lost early in the playoffs, all my attention turned to the 49ers. You could call me a fair weather fan of the Niners, thanks to my oldest son. […]


December 16, 2012


Good afternoon! My Colts aren’t doing too well right now, so it’s a pretty good time to write this post. 2012 is winding down, isn’t it? For me, it’s been quite a full year with a move, a new job and opportunities that have grown from that. Small town life is much quieter. Fewer things […]