Happy Labor Day! I really enjoyed being able to stay under the covers a bit longer this morning. Those 5am wake ups are not good for a girl! I took the time to go for a walk and saw more neighbors out an dabout than I’ve ever seen. Why can’t every morning begin so easy? I did decide to get up earlier (earlier!) so I can give up breakfast in the car (and on the clothes). I think this week, I’ll turn the leftover rice into rice pudding. Why not? I’ve got the rice, soy milk, vanilla, nutmeg, cinammon and walnuts. Mmmmmmmmmm! I have a new diet resolve so, I’ll skip tasting a bowl while I’m reading today. I have a review of Secret Keeper to post later and I’ll be reading Swordbird. I had a copy mailed to me about a year ago, discovered it when I returned from Taiwan and it disappeared until recently. I need to get a review on! In the meantime, let’s look under the covers of Hustlin’ vol 7 in the Drama High Series by L. Divine. The passage here is kinda deep, but the entire book inside. After all, this is Drama High! I believe the series is up to volume 8 and Ms. Divine just released Holidaze, a Valentine romance.

First sentence: When we get to Nigel’s house I can see Chance’s Nova and Nigel’s Impala in the driveway.


“Why is it so difficult?” I ask as he starts the engine. More than anything, I miss our conversations. I can talk to Jeremy about almost any topic and receive some interesting feedback. “There’s plenty of information on Caesar. It’s finding concrete information on my ruler, Califia, that’s a challenge.”  The only information I can find outside of our family lineage is incomplete. I’m going to have to ask Mama for more suggestions when I get home on Sunday.

“Nah, I’m not doing it on him any more. I’m doing it on Barack Obama.” Jeremy’s choices never cease to amaze me. But I can’t blame him for being interested in the Black politician. I’m interested in him, too. But my interests aren’t all that professional.

“Why the sudden change of heart? Are you trying to get on Mrs. Peterson’s bad side permanently?” I doubt she has a good side, especially since she’s shaped like one of the Krispy Kreme donuts she loves to eat so much. But if she does have one, I’m sure Jeremy’s on it. All the female teachers love them some Jeremy.

“Nah, I just got sick of reading about taxes and sh**. Tha’ts all Caesar did: wage wars and raise taxes and that’s not my idea of a good leader. Barack’s got that cool-daddy, old school hustler vibe about hime that makes me want to know more about how he gets down. You feel me?”

If I didn’t know better, I’d say Jeremy’s been hanging around other Black folks besides Nigel and me.

“Yeah, that does sound kind of boring. Baracks’ definitely a more interesting topic than Caesar any day.”

Follow up on Drama High Series

You might remember I predicted the Drama high series would do well with students? O! Was I wrong! We put 5 copies of vol. 2 and 3 each on the shelf with no publicity, didn’t even put them in the new book section. They were gone in days and I’ve had several requests for a vol 1. (book companies just ship what they have, we’ll get vol. 1 late.) It seems I’ll have to order more copies of this AND Ride wit me when it hits the shelves as well!

Drama High Series

Over at Kensignton Publishing is a new urban teen series called Drama High. The website features online samples from each of the three books in the series as well as a nice little contest to win an iPod or free books. I’ve not had a chance to read much on the site, perhaps someone out there is more familar with the series?